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Chrome Internal Newtab Vcd133 News

Chrome New Tab Page Broken…Only get “chrome-internal://newtab/”

21 Feb 2014 So out of nowhere my Chrome (Version 33.0.1750.117) new tab page broke. ... In the address bar I get "chrome-internal://newtab/" and that is it.

chrome-internal://newtab/ - Google Product Forums

If opening a New Tab page gets an error about chrome-internal://newtab, then you have an old New Tab Extension that uses this old URL that ...

chrome 33 chrome-internal://newtab/ is not working anymore - GitHub

16 Jan 2014 The problem is that chrome://newtab is the page that New Tab Redirect ... Have had NTR set to chrome-internal://newtab/ for months, and have ...

Known issues - Chrome Help - Google Help

If you see chrome-internal://newtab/ in the URL when you open up a new tab in Chrome you may have an extension installed trying to redirect you to a page that ...